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Angampora, The traditional martial art in Sri Lanka.

We are the only school of martial arts in Sri Lanka with written evidence that preserves Angam martial arts (අංගම් සටන් කලාව) traditionally. Since ancient times, fighters belonging to Maruvalliya school of martial arts have been known as Koranthota Arachchi fighting generation. Renowned as the greatest warriors of the Sitawaka kingdom, our ancestors have served in the Sitawaka Mahavasala Angakkara Sena.

'Angam Pora' or Angampora or Angam means 'unarmed combat'. Combat techniques wherein weapons are used are called 'Illangam'. As a part of Angampora, 'Maya Angam' is a technique which involves the use of spells and incantations to confuse or bring an opponent down. Angampora Guru, Mahantharachchige Ajantha, who is responsible for the revival of this 'Angam Maduwa' or Angampora School of War (A mud hut built specially for Angampora practice), located in Korathota village, 35 kilometers (20 miles) outside the capital Colombo, in the middle of a paddy field away from the buzz of the city, explained that there is written evidence to prove the existence of this combat form of Angampora that dates back over 5000 years and myths and folklore that goes as far as 38,000 years that speak of the art of fighting named 'Angam' or Angampora, making it one of the oldest known forms of martial arts in the world. Angam, Angampora, Illangam, අංගම්පොර, traditional, martial art, Sri Lanka, angamharamba, pora,Sri Lanka, history, ravana are the connected areas of this Angampora art

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There were several traditional martial art families in Ancient Sri Lanka and the truth about current time is that most of those families are obsolete. From those ancient traditions, our ancestry was recognized as "Korathota Arachchi Tradition". We were a strong Angampora tribe who lived surrounding Korathota Village in Kaduwela.

The name Korathota derived from the term "Kelithota" which means "Fighting Place" later on changed to "Korathota". This place was a stronghold of King Ravana at Rama Ravana Battle and later on, at the time of King Walagamba, a war trading center and at the time of King Seethawaka Rajasinghe (Prince Tikiri), his main Angam Fighting Center.

Our forefathers were lucky to fight and conquer the famous Mulleriya Battle. Even today we live in the same area which is called Hewagam Koralaya.

Our fighters' main swearing places are Ancient Temple of Korathota, Ran Kadu Paththini Dewala, Nawagamu Paththini Dewala and Ancient Temple of Kelaniya. Few of our ancestors are Korathota Kuruppu Arachchi, Rev. Korathota Sobhitha, Mullegama Senevi and Nawarathna Menike. We, Mahantha Arachchi were the leading Arachchi of 18 Leaders of Korathota Arachchi Tradition. Even today, at our Angam Madu (The Training Place), we train the pure art of Angampora.

It's a deeply spiritual form of combat that draws a lot of its philosophies from different aspects of nature and astrology and also has a strong connection to music and employ rhythmic, flowing movements.
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